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Entertainment, Brands, and The Rise of the Metaverse


This report provides an in-depth analysis of the Metaverse, including the criteria defining a metaverse, the competing visions for it among leading proponents, figures that point to its size and potential, and trends that are impacting its emergence. The report also explores brand engagements in the current Metaverse, including an evaluation of the leading options for brand related Metaverse initiatives.


Interpret’s VideoWatch: Trends is a syndicated reporting service monitoring competitive, consumer, and business trends in the global video services marketplace.

Clients enjoy recurring topics as well as coverage of new trends observed and suggested by subscribers.

Clients receive:

  • Assessment of the market state
  • Key trends
  • Real-world examples of trend-related initiatives
  • Analysis of the drivers, contributors, inhibitors, competition, consumer demand, and technologies involved
  • Analyst assessment of the impact and future outcome, with particular insights for various parts of the ecosystem
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Entertainment, Brands, and The Rise of the Metaverse Report Summary