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Introducing VideoWatch: Consumer

Interpret’s VideoWatch: Consumer is a syndicated service providing quarterly insight into trends in service adoption, spending, sentiment, and related behaviors among US video consumers.

Drawing on primary research performed by Interpret’s team of quantitative research experts, clients gain access to data addressing critical market questions such as:

  • How to better combat churn?
  • What is the demand for new business models or service features?
  • What are consumer priorities among competitive offerings?
  • What are relative market shares and how do they change over time?
  • What are the differences among key viewer/consumer groups?

Importantly, the reported findings provide you with quantitative insights at a fraction of the cost of performing a proprietary study, and Interpret’s analysts help you understand how the findings apply to your business.

Clients receive:

  • Key consumer metrics over time
  • Changes in ownership, adoption, and consumption
  • Patterns in choice, purchasing, and cancellations
  • Consumer attitudes and perceptions
  • Deep insight into viewership and use of services
  • Data for market sizing
  • Insights into / validation of market demand and trends
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