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Introducing Smart Home Matrix: Trends

Interpret’s Smart Home Matrix: Trends™ monitors trends and delivers insights with a fusion of consumer data, executive interviews, and expert market analysis. Designed to keep industry decision-makers up to date on evolving smart home market trends. Discover how Smart Home Matrix can help you and your business:  

  • Trace the sources and potential impact of influential market trends
  • Profile key players and their responses to market trends
  •  Provide implications of trends with recommendations for leveraging new opportunities

Smart Home Matrix: Trends includes:

  • Market trends, insights and implications for the smart home ecosystem
  • Analysis of the shifting dynamics of the smart home ecosystem with recommendations across the product lifecycle
  • Explorations of the impact of new networking protocols to the emergence of new sales channels, business models, and value-driving technologies
Aging in place in the smart home- report

Aging-in-Place in the Smart Home

Smart Home Matrix